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Idut Web Viewer (beta) 11 March 2008

What is Idut Web Viewer?
Idut Web Viewer is a program that allows you to show a website on a Windows based computer without having to configure your web browser to full screen and hide the menu bars. The full screen web page viewer is perfect for kiosks and slide shows.

You can distrubute Idut Web Viewer and change the config file to your own URL. The viewer embeds your own web browser so it has full functionality.

Installing Idut Web Viewer is simple, either install it straight from the Idut website or download the zip distribution.

To run Idut Web Viewer, you will need Microsoft .Net framework 2.0 which is a free download from the Microsoft website.

Get Idut Web Viewer
You can get Idut Web Viewer for free right here!
Distribute with your own URL
Hide/Show scroll bars
Full screen and half screen
Operate using system tray icon
Install straight from the website
Cost Free
Web Install Click here!
Download Click here!

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Screen shots
Idut Web Viewer Screenshot Idut Web Viewer Screenshot Idut Web Viewer Screenshot

You can get User-to-User support for Idut Web Viewer by going to the Idut Support website! Visit the support website at

Want to know more?
Read the online version of the readme.txt file here.