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#1 2008-02-24 08:46:38

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Pop-up image viewing

First of all, I love this script already, it's the only one I found that was relatively easy to modify to fit into a rather small iframe on the limited space I have available (Don't worry, though, I left the "powered by" lines alone).

A few things I would like to see, though

1: The ability to have images pop -out- of that frame and into a separate window, either within the page itself, or in a complete, new window.

2: Sort by date?

3: Slightly better explanations on how to embed this thing, I'm a complete nub at web building, and basically have to use Dreamweaver for all my work, so for me it was pretty hard to figure out exactly how to put it into my already "complete" site. It also required some modding, which was pretty complicated for me. :p



2008-02-24 08:46:38