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#1 2008-04-13 20:31:39

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Possible Login Problem

OK I downloaded the software, changed user/password, uploaded and did the permissions but there was no way I could log in.  It always rejected my username and password.  Now I'm no expert at PHP but had a hunt on the net and decided to change the login bit of the backup script so now it reads:

if ( (!isset($_SERVER["PHP_AUTH_USER"])) || ! (($_SERVER["PHP_AUTH_USER"] == $conf['login']) && ($_SERVER["PHP_AUTH_PW"] == $conf['password'])) ) {

The change was to use the $_SERVER[...] bits.  I am not sure if this was right but it did work.  I am on PHP 5.2.5 and no where in PHP info does it mention "PHP_AUTH_USER" or the PW one so I am at a loss where these come from.  At least it now works doing the backup/email fine so pleased about that.

Any advice?



2008-04-13 20:31:39


#2 2008-09-16 12:41:54

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Re: Possible Login Problem

on local install (PHP Version 5.2.6) $_SERVER[...] works
on server not
both safe_mode is off