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#1 2008-01-24 08:36:43

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Backup to Remote Server (& cron) (& profiles)

The ability to ftp the backup to another server using ftp details would be extremely useful. I would use this script to backup one website to another hosting.

Running the script as a cron would automate the above (I have read the earlier post - "calling backup.php?c=backupdefault")

Creating Profiles. It would be useful to have several backup profiles to call from the cron. For example:

This would allow different backups to be run with differing frequency (eg - Database every day, file system every week)

Have you seen MyBackup ( - I was using it, but it is a bit flaky, that's why I am so happy to have found Idut



2008-01-24 08:36:43


#2 2008-03-30 23:25:53

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Re: Backup to Remote Server (& cron) (& profiles)

I agree with all of the above too. FTP to a remote server would be really useful. I have large directories on the server, which even when compressed can't be sent by email.

Hopefully you'll add this feature in the next version.

Otherwise this is a brilliant script and easily understandable.