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Image Descriptions

I have one problem and one question.

PROBLEM:  My image descriptions are not being saved.  I use the MANAGE ALBUMS portal, enter the album by clicking on the album name (and am presented the list of images in the album).  I click on "Edit Description" for the photo, enter the photo description in the text box and click the SAVE button.  I'm returned to my list of albums.  When I re-enter the album, the "Edit Description" link is not updated.  The description is not updated for the photo in the photo gallery either. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I am using a Microsoft (not UNIX) OS platform; therefore, as I understand, there should not be an issue with the CHMOD settings.

TROUBLESHOOTING:  I tried the following but was unsuccessful at resolving the problem.
1. I verified the following settings:
     > Data Files: Use data files to store descriptions and comments?  Yes
     > Descriptions: Show album descriptions (if any)? Yes
     > Descriptions: Show image descriptions (if any)? Yes

2. I reindexed the album and then attempted to add a description

QUESTION: Assuming we can resolve the problem, is there a way that I can enter descriptions for more than one photograph at a time without be returned to the list of albums after entering each description?  Perhaps there's a file that I can just update directly, outside of the MANAGE ALBUMS.

Many thanks. 

S C O T T    B    G R E E N B E R G

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