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#1 2010-02-20 22:46:41

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Global Variables

  I am new to your backup product and fairly new to php. It looks like exactly what I need but I have hit a pot hole and need a bit of help.  I have installed the product on the server (BlueHost). I changed the username/password.
When I try to login I get the following:

Unauthorized access to Idut Backup.
Auth_user= Auth_pw= username=myusername password=mypswd

Idut Backup v1.0

By the way I inserted echo statements to aid a little in diagnosis.
They show me that what I typed (username & password) do exist and are present.
But the AUTH_user & AUTH_pw are both empty?????
I think it has to do with global variables.
BlueHost is using php 5.2.11
Any help would be appreciated.

George Campbell
Lancaster, SC  USA



2010-02-20 22:46:41