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#1 2008-10-16 16:18:06

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Removing the filename

Is there any way to remove the filename from the address when using pretty urls, or at least the file extension.

Many of the images I need to put up are named rather unlogical, I'm using this to help a friend redesign her website, and there's a lot pictures to rename to make it look better. Some have the name the digital camera gave them, ie picXXXXX. If I can't get it off the pretty urls, I'll just have to go about and give them all a number as name (lot of pictures would be difficult yo give a "real" name as there's a few similar ones, it's a site about her rottweilers), still would prefer to at least get the extension off though.

About the pretty url rewrite I would like it to replace all spaces in descriotion with a dash ( - ) (or even better let us chose how a specific folders pretty name should look), as that would be more up to the standards, at least that's my opinion smile

Btw, I just love the script, I have made a few customizations to get it to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the site.

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#2 2008-10-16 17:09:42

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Re: Removing the filename

I agree that its not very good having the spaces in the file names. That most likely will be improved in the next release.

At the moment there's no way to get rid of the file extension as it is possible that there could be pic1.jpg and pic1.gif so referencing just "pic1" would give an unpredictable result. I'll have a look to see if there is a way to make it look even better.

Thanks for your feedback