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Idut not only write commercial software for use on client's websites, but also create free and open source scripts that anyone can download and use. Have a look at the list of free software below:
Idut Gallery 2.0 Released!  Idut Web Viewer
Idut Human Checker  Idut Backup
Idut Shop for Google Checkout Idut Web Hosting from £1.50 per month

Free Idut Products - Open Source Scripts

Idut Backup
Idut Backup is a free file and database backup system. It is powerful yet easy to use and simple to setup. Written in PHP, you can backup and restore physical files and MySQL tables.

Idut Gallery
Idut Gallery is a powerful yet user friendly website photo gallery system. It can be easily customised and incorporated into an existing website. You can upload images to your gallery using FTP or the built-in upload system. As well as looking great, you can add descriptions to your albums and images and users can comment on your photos!

Idut Human Checker
This is a useful script using CAPTCHA to make your PHP applications spam-proof. It takes seconds to install by simply including the Human Checker script on your page. It stops your pages being spammed by requiring users to enter a numeric code that they copy from a PHP generated image.

Idut Shop for Google Checkout
Idut Shop is an open source PHP shopping cart for Google Checkout. It can be easily customised and incorporated into an existing website. Idut Shop for Google Checkout is simple to install and manage.

Idut Web Viewer
View full screen web pages without configuring your web browser. Perfect for kiosks and slide shows... plus it is free to download, use and redistribute.

Our commercial software is not yet free to download, however click here to visit the Idut Commercial website.