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Idut Shop for Google Checkout
Idut Shop 1.0 (beta) 26 February 2008

What is Idut Shop?
Idut Shop is a simple and elegant open source PHP shopping cart for Google Checkout. It can be easily customised and incorporated into an existing website. Written in PHP, you can add products from the easy to use control panel this includes adding images and setting prices. Idut Shop for Google Checkout is simple to install and uses a MySQL database.

Get Idut Shop
  Idut Shop 1.0 (beta)
Add products through admin interface
Shopping cart/basket
Add photos to your products
Products stored in MySQL database
Fully Customisable
Sandbox support
Multiple language/currency support
Configure delivery options
Cost Free
Download Click here!

Try Idut Shop
Want to see what all the fuss is about before you install Idut Shop?
Check out the demo gallery here: Idut Shop demo
You can also check out the Administration Interface here: Admin demo (usename: demo password: demo)

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Screen shots

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Want to know more?
Read the online version of the readme.txt file here.