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Idut Human Checker 1.0 - 29 August 2007

What is Idut Human Checker ?

Idut Human Checker is a useful script that you can include in your PHP applications. It stops your pages being spammed by requiring users to enter a numeric code that they copy from a PHP generated image. This is known as CAPTCHA, more information can be found at

You can include Idut Human Checker in any of your PHP applications by simply putting this line of code...
<?php include("iduthc.php"); ?> the place where you need to check for real humans. This could be just above where you save user comments or email addresses.

It's that simple! Protect your scripts from spam today!

Try Idut Human Checker
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Download Idut Human Checker
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Want to know more?
Read the online version of the readme.txt file here.